Masters News

Masters stores are closing down by 11 December 2016. Returns are no longer possible for change of mind, and very limited repairs and spare parts will be available from 12 December 2016. After stores close, however, consumer guarantee failures will still be remedied as set out in the Returns Policy.


1. What happens with my installation? Be assured that there is no risk to your project or to your warranty. The contract you have with Masters Installation will be honoured in full and your project will be seen through to completion. In addition, your product and installation warranties will be taken over and honoured by Woolworths Limited.

2. Can I still return a product to Masters’ stores? What will happen after Masters’ stores close? All returns will be processed in accordance with the Masters Returns Policy at by your local Masters store, right up until the store’s closing date (i.e. by 11 December 2016). For Masters’ returns post store closure follow this link.

3. What’s happened to the Masters Protection Plan I purchased? All Masters Protection Plans purchased will be honoured . There is no change to the existing Masters Protection Plan claim process, even post store closure. All details of the current claim process in relation to extended warranties are available at

4. What happens to my special order? You can be assured that the special order you have placed with Masters is not affected by this news and will be fulfilled. You will be notified by Masters in the unlikely event that if your special order can’t be fulfilled, and in those circumstances you will be provided with a full refund.

5. Will my online order be fulfilled?  Online ordering has now stopped, so all future purchases will need to be made in store.

6. Future product recalls? All product recalls will be handled by Masters and Woolworths Limited on a case by case basis, having regard to your safety and relevant laws and regulations. Details of all product recalls can be found at: Details of the process to be followed in relation to product recalls can be found at

7. What about my infinity cable? Infinity cable recall process details can be found at

8. Spare parts, in the future, for something I’ve bought? All returns, refunds, recalls and warranties will be handled in the normal manner by your local Masters store right up until it closes by 11 December 2016. Please see the Masters Returns Policy at Once Masters has closed, a Portal backed by Woolworths Limited will be available at to deal with any after sale issues our customers may have. Please contact your local store team for any further questions, or go to the Portal from 12 December 2016. Please note that from 30 August 2016, there are no returns simply for a change of mind. However, repair or refunds will be available for failure to meet any consumer guarantee (or extended warranty).

9. Where do I go in the future for returns? All returns, refunds, recalls and warranties will be handled in the normal manner by your local Masters store right up until it closes by 11 December 2016. Once Masters has closed,  please use the Portal at: For more information, please see the Masters Returns Policy at

10. Why can't I see and buy products on the Masters website any more As we work towards closing our doors by 11 December 2016, we're continuing to discount more and more stock in store, so it is moving really quickly. This means we can't guarantee that the products online will accurately reflect what's left in stores at any point in time, so we have removed all products from the website.

The best way to see any bargains available is to head into your local and surrounding stores. For all the store hours and addresses, see the Store Locator here: Find My Store.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

11. I have a gift card. When do I have to use it by and will it be honoured Masters gift cards can be redeemed for any purchase in Masters stores while stores are still open, as well as other applicable Woolworths Group stores before and beyond Masters stores’ closure. Woolworths Group stores are Woolworths Supermarkets, Big W, Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Cellarmasters, Woolworths/Caltex stores and Thomas Dux.

12. Will my local store close and when? All Masters stores will close by 11 December 2016. Individual stores may close earlier than this date, due to low stock levels.

13. Will my Trade / Staff Discount still work? Staff and Trade Discounts will still continue to be available while our stores are trading.